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The (Greatest Of All Token) community goes by “#TEAMGOAT”. As a team we understand the importance of ones playing one position and that we must work together to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. This means respect, trust and communication are too the upmost importance. As of right now we are available on most platforms in English. As the project grows so will platforms that offer other languages and that will be community member organized. So come join the “TEAM” and lets succeed together. 



We have decided to have a fair launch on the Ethereum (ERC20) block chain on the 10th of December of 2021. It is a deflationary token and supply is shrinking with every transaction.  The developer's wallets will be made public after launch to show transparency and to gain trust from the community.  Smart contract coding rewards its diamond hands investors while protecting them against whales (big investors) sometimes destructive selling behaviors. 

  • Trust and transparency
  • Security
  • Speed, efficiency and accuracy


We believe that as being a project on the crypto platform that it’s our duty to educate. We will launch a platform that covers every aspect of education when it comes to crypto, blockchain technology and finances. Our platform doesn’t stop there instead we will formulate a plan that will always keep us relevant in the present, but innovated for the future. We believe that crypto is the future that is yet to be adopted by the masses and when it does G.O.A.T will be ready to introduce solutions with real world applications to the private and public sectors.


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